Technician Monitored Anti-Virus

While nothing is "bullet proof" when it comes to viruses and malware, our residential customers now have access to the same Commercial Grade Antivirus Program that we use every day to protect our business customers.  The system notifies us of any attacks on your computer so that your I.T. company is also in the loop and watching out for you. If the attack is serious enough to warrant it, our tech staff will notify you so that you can modify your internet activities accordingly, to help stay safe online. It can only be designed by highly trained technicians but it's so effective we guarantee that you'll never pay for virus removal again, while using this program.

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Like Regular Techs, Only Cooler

Let's face it, tech people aren't exactly famous for their charm and hospitality, but we're on a mission to change that and with over 50+ Google reviews you can see that we make sure our customers leave happy!


In Business over 10 years,  there aren't many problems we haven't seen before.


We Fix Computers & More is your one stop shop for Tech repair, including PC's, Mac's, iPhones, iPads, Android phones & tablets, Blackberry and more.


Our History

Established in 2005, We Fix Computers is one of the largest and oldest tech repair companies in the Sarasota/Bradenton area which gives our customers predictability in the level of service they'll be getting. We're usually no more expensive than the guys with no store, and no track record and nowhere for you to go back to if you get a poor result on your computer repair. 




I'm glad I found We Fix Computers. Shawn Jones was knowledgeable about the problem and suggested some easy and affordable solutions. I work on my Mac everyday, all day, so finding a good source for repairs is very important to me. Couldn't be happier.

                                    Juanita Dix

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